Council Members

Name Telephone / Email
Ian Sunley (Chairman)
Peter Prokopa (Vice-Chairman) 07870 214487
Mike Allen  01785 780328
Gill Anslow 01785 780371
Stuart Taylor 01785 781046
Jane Woodcock
Suzanne Potts (Parish Clerk) 07792 634312
Haughton’s Borough Councillors (Seighford and Church Eaton Ward) are:
Ray Sutherland 01785 244739
Haughton’s County Councillor (Gnosall and Doxey) is:
 Mark Winnington  01785 822224
Haughton’s Member of Parliament (Stone Constituency) is:
Bill Cash 01785 811000 (Constituency)
020 7219 6330 (House of Commons)

Register of Members Interests  – Please click here for details

Council Committees/Working Group Members (as at May 2022)

PROW working group – Cllr Prokopa, Cllr Sunley, Cllr Taylor

Playing Field working group – Cllr Prokopa, Cllr Taylor, Clerk

Allimore Green/Dale Common Officer – Cllr Allen/Clerk

Personnel Committee – Cllr Allen, Cllr Anslow, Cllr Woodcock

Procedures review working group – Cllr Allen, Cllr Anslow, Cllr Sunley

Communications Working Group – Cllr Anslow, Cllr Prokopa, Cllr Woodcock

Finance Support group – Cllr Sunley, Cllr Taylor

Local Parish Collaboration group – Cllr Allen, Cllr Sunley, Clerk

IT (ad hoc) – Cllr Sunley

Village Hall Committee Representative – Cllr Anslow
Best Kept Village Representative – Cllr Sunley

SPCA rep – Cllr Allen